Use Your Voice to STOP toxic mining in Bristol Bay!

This spring Americans can weigh in on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Pebble Mine. This is the LAST chance to weigh in on Pebble’s major federal permit!

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is continuing to push Pebble’s permit application ahead at speeds unheard of for a project of this size and complexity. Almost a year after Pebble applied for its major federal permit, the USACE released a draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that ignores the major impacts to the region’s people, fishery, and economy.

Pebble’s application includes plans for a 1750 foot deep mine pit, extensive new roads, an ice-breaking ferry across Iliamna Lake, 188-mile gas pipeline from the Kenai Peninsula to the project site, 270 MW power plant, and other massive infrastructure.  The USACE’s draft EIS should be considering Pebble’s proposed plan, along with several options for developing the mine and potential impacts for each scenario, but with the USACE’s stated intention to make a final decision by 2020 - there is no question this fast-tracked process is driven by politics rather than fair process and sound science.

The EIS (essentially a very long report) is supposed to look at the mine’s impacts to the natural environment, and how that could impact people socially, culturally, spiritually, and economically. But the Draft EIS, released by the USACE on February 22, is completely inadequate. The report is biased in favor of Pebble, and ignores the many valid concerns about the devastating impacts this project will bring. Now we must identify EVERY IMPACT that is missing from the review, and demand that the federal government more thoroughly analyze this project.

In this EIS process, the USACE must identify alternatives for the mine’s design. The “No Action Alternative,” under which no mine would be built, is the only option that would protect Bristol Bay and the land and water that has sustained our region since time immemorial. The USACE is also asking the public to weigh in on any concerns on specific cultural or historic sites that could be impacted by Pebble. NOW is the time to use your voice to demand no version of Pebble be built in Bristol Bay. We will NOT be ignored and our voices deserve to be heard.