Tell the Army Corps of Engineers Pebble is Too Risky!

Pebble recently applied for one of the major permits they’ll need to mine in Bristol Bay, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is fast-tracking the environmental review. The comment period for the public to weigh-in on potential impacts of the project ends June 29th and the USACE needs to hear from you! Take action today to protect Bristol Bay!

Bristol Bay's people are the EXPERTS on how this project will impact our region. The USACE needs to hear how the Pebble Mine could impact hunting, fishing, and gathering, our cultures, and the health of our communities and future. Without citizens outlining how this will impact us, the Army Corps will draw as small a scope of review as possible. WE MUST RAISE EVERY POTENTIAL ISSUE WE WANT THE ARMY CORPS TO CONSIDER. Please personalize this letter with YOUR concerns!